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Introduction to FACE

FACE is a template language created by Zoho Sites. It's the foundation of all Zoho Sites templates and is used to render dynamic content on your websites pages.


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 What is template language?

Template language is used by designers and developers to build web pages. Web pages can have a combination of both static and dynamic content. The static elements are written in HTML, while the dynamic elements are written in FACE. With template language, it's possible to 

use the static elements that define the web page layout while dynamically populating the page with data from other .face files. The FACE elements in a file act as placeholders when the code in the file is compiled and sent to the browser.

 FACE syntax

Like any programming language, FACE has a syntax, interacts with variables, and includes constructs like output and logic. Due to its readable syntax, FACE constructs are easy to recognize and can be distinguished from HTML by two sets of delimiters: 

  • The double curly brace delimiters {{ }}, which denote the output.
  • The curly brace percentage delimiters {% %}, which denote logic and control flow.

There are two syntaxes for FACE: