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Zoho Sites Help


To access the font library:

  1. Click a text element on your page.
  2. Click the font dropdown list then click +Add Font.
  3. Choose fonts from that you would like your template to use from the font library.

Note: Each font has a style dropdown list. This list tells you which styles are available for that 

particular font. Each style has a specified font weight their values are as follows:

 Font Style Font Weight
 Extra Light 100
 Extra Light Italic 100i
 Light Italic 200i
 Demi Light300 
 Demi Light Italic 300i
 Regular Italic 400i
 Medium Italic 500i
 Semi Bold 600
Semi Bold Italic  600i
 Bold 700 
Bold Italic  700i
Heavy  800
 Heavy  Italic 800i
 Ultra Black  900
 Ultra Black Italic 900i

Note: Some fonts only have one style. These fonts can be considered as "regular" and have a weight of 400.