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Bigin Forms

Create web forms in your Bigin account and add them to your Zoho Sites website. Web forms can help you instantly capture information submitted by your potential customers by automatically adding them as contacts in your Bigin account.

    1. Access your Bigin account at https://bigin.zoho.com/bigin/Home.

    2. Click Get Started enter your company name, then click Explore Bigin.


There are three steps to integrate your Bigin web form into your Zoho Sites website:

    1. Build the web form.

    2. Specify your form details.

    3. Add the web form to your Zoho Sites website.

1. Build the web form:

    1. Click the Settings icon at the top right of the page.

    2. Select Web Forms from the menu on the left.

    3. Click +New Web Form.Drag the required fields from the Fields tab and drop them on the form builder.

   4. Now, you can customize your form in the field settings as mentioned below:

Form Field Settings

Both form fields and form tools have settings to configure their functions. You can, edit, modify, and customize these fields to suit your requirements:


  • Mark as hidden field

  • Mark as required field

  • Include help link

  • Change button names

  • Remove fields

  • Rearrange fields


Mark as Hidden Field

Hidden fields provide you with information which will not be visible to the visitors who submit the web form. For example, if you have hosted the web form on Facebook, Twitter, or your website, the hidden fields will tell you where the form was submitted.


To mark a field as hidden:

    1. Hover your mouse over the field which you would like to hide in the form.

    2. Click on the Settings icon on the right.

    3. Click the Mark as hidden field checkbox in the Field Properties pop-up.

    4. Specify a value in the Default Value text box.

    5. Click Done.

Mark as required field

Certain fields such as Name, Email, and Phone contain information you need to collect from your visitors. Marking a field as required means the user can only submit the form after they fill in the mandatory details.


To mark a field as required:

    1. Move your mouse over the field which you would like to mark as required.

    2. Click on the Settings icon on the right.

    3. Click the Mark as required field checkbox in the Field Properties pop-up.

    4. Click Done.

Include help link

Assist your visitors by providing hints or help links to give them more information on what a field is for and how their response should be submitted.


To include a help link:

    1. Hover your mouse over the field which you would like to add a help link for.

    2. Click on the Settings icon on the right.

    3. Click the Include help link checkbox in the Field Properties pop-up.

    4. Choose one of the following:

  • Link & Text: Enter text for the link and the link URL.

  • Text Only: Enter the hint text. For example: The date field must be entered in the MM-DD-YYYY format.

    5. Click Done

Change button names

By default, there are two action buttons, "Submit" and "Reset." These buttons can be customized to suit your requirements.


To change button names:

    1.    Hover your mouse over the button field.

    2.    Click on the Settings icon on the right.

    3.    Enter the button name of your choice in the Button Properties pop-up.

    4.    Click Done.

Remove fields from form

    1. Hover your mouse over the field you want to remove.

    2. Click the Trash icon on the left 

Note: The Last Name field is mandatory and cannot be removed.

Rearrange your fields

Drag the field and drop it in the area where you would like it to appear.

   5. Configure the following tools, which are explained in more detail below: Privacy Policy, File Upload, Captcha.

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy explains how the website owner will protect and handle visitors’ private information. Adding this field to your web forms allows customers to agree to your company's privacy policy. Visitors can only click Submit after checking the checkbox to indicate that they have read and agree with the terms and conditions.


To insert a privacy policy:

    1. Click the Tools tab.

    2. Drag and drop the Privacy Policy field to the form builder.

    3. Add a relevant message in the Privacy Policy pop-up.

    4. Click Done

Note: You can also add a link to your privacy policy page in the message box. 

File Upload

File upload allows your visitors to upload files such as screenshots and invoice requests. These files will be automatically added as attachments to the record in your Bigin account.


To insert a File Upload option:

    1. Click the Tools tab.

    2. Drag and drop the File Upload field to the form builder.

Note: Visitors cannot upload a file larger than 20MB. You can use the help link option in the Field Settings to add this information to your form.


Captcha prevents bots from automatically submitting unwanted content in your web form. It acts as a secure gateway where records will only be added if the Captcha text is entered correctly.


To insert Captcha:

    1. Click the Tools tab.

    2. Drag and drop the Captcha field.

Preview your web form

See what your web form looks like before publishing it.


To preview your web-form:

Click the Preview option at the bottom of the builder.

A preview of your form will open.


2. Specify your form details

Once you are done creating your form, the next step is to specify your form details.

       1. Click Next Step at the bottom of your form builder to go to the next page.

    2. Enter a form name in the Form Name text box.

    3. Enter the Form Location URL. This is the URL of the page where you intend to host this web form.

    4. Enter the Landing Page URL. This is the URL of the page where visitors will be redirected after they submit the form.

    5.  Click Save & Next.

    6. Click Done.


  • Notify Owner: Select this checkbox to get an email notification every time a visitor submits the form.

  • Enable Double Opt-in: Click this switch to send a confirmation email to your visitor for additional verification once they submit the web form.

  • Acknowledge Visitor: Click this switch to send an acknowledgment email to the visitor once they have submitted the form.

  • Request for approval: Click this switch to manually verify and approve every record submitted through this form.

You can also generate a code for your web form and embed it in third-party sites.The code is available in three formats: Source code, embed code, and iFrame code. The code is also available for a few third-party sites such as WordPress, Facebook, Google Sites, and Joomla. 

To embed the web form in your web page:

    1. Select the Source, Embed, or iFrame code as required.

    2. Copy the code and paste it in the websites of your choice.

    3. Click Done.

3. Add the web form to your Zoho Sites website

The final step is to embed the form you've created in Bigin in your Zoho Sites website.


To access your Bigin forms:

    1. Access your Zoho Sites website at https://sites.zoho.com/.

    2. Click the Add icon at the top of your builder.

    3. Click +Element.

    4. Select Forms from the menu on the left.

    5. Drag the Bigin forms element and drop it on your page.

    6. Select your web form from the menu on the left.

    7. Click Add.

Click the form on your page then click the Settings icon in the pop-up tool box. You can choose to reload your form or edit your thank you page.