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Domain Mapping


Every website needs to have a domain to be accessible online. With Zoho Sites you can map a domain to your website in three ways:

  1. Use a Zoho Sites subdomain.
  2. Buy a domain
  3. Map a domain that you own.

This document however, covers how you will need to go about mapping a domain that you already own to Zoho Sites.

DNS Configuration

1. Create a CNAME Record with the host name 'www' and point it to zhs.zohosites.com. 

Note: EU users will have to point the CNAME Record to zhs.zohosites.eu. Likewise, CN, IN, and AU users will have to use zhs.zohosites.com.cn, zhs.zohosites.in, and zhs.zohosites.com.au respectively.

2. Forward your root domain 'yourdomain.com' to 'www.yourdomain.com' (domain name with www).

Instructions to do it yourself

Your domain provider would have provided an administrative console to manage and configure your domain. The administrative console's user interface may vary depending on the domain provider, but following basic steps are similar.

  1. Login to your domain provider's administrative console.
  2. Go to DNS Settings section.
  3. Search for Forwarding option and click on the link to set domain forwarding.
  4. Forward the domain name (domain name without www) to www.yourdomain.com (domain name with www) and save the changes. (EU users will have to point the CNAME Record to zhs.zohosites.eu.)
  5. Go to DNS configurations / Manage DNS section, add a "CNAME Record" with host name "www" and point it to zhs.zohosites.com. (EU users will have to point the CNAME Record to zhs.zohosites.eu. Likewise, CN, IN, and AU users will have to use zhs.zohosites.com.cn,                                 zhs.zohosites.in, and zhs.zohosites.com.au respectively.)
  6. Save the changes and logout.

If you face any issues while mapping your domain name to Zoho, you may contact your domain provider's support team, provide them with the steps given above and have them assist you. Usually these changes take effect in 10-15 minutes, however in some cases it could take up to 48 hours.

Domain provider specific instructions

GoDaddy, Wild West Domains and plenty of other domain providers use similar Domain Manager. 

For information about URL forwarding and CNAME configuration for other commonly used domain providers click on the help links given below.





Network Solutions


URL/Domain forwarding: https://my.bluehost.com/cgi/help/182






If your domain provider does not provide a URL/domain forward option, you may make use of third-party URL redirect service providers like CloudFlare, NameCheap etc. that provide you with an option to forward your domain name.