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Style Editor

Customizing your website has become so much simpler. Every element now comes with its own Style Editor. These tools can be found in each element's corresponding property box. You can now individually customize the Background, Typography, Border, Shadow, and Spacing of every element on your page.

To access the Style Editor:

  1. Click on the element you would like to customize.
  2. Click the Style Editor  Icon in the element's property box.
  3. Choose from the Background, Typography, Border, Shadow, and Spacing tools.

Note: Click the reset button at the bottom of each of these options to revert to the original design.

Style Editor Features:

You can use these tools to make the following customizations:


Use this tool to change the background color of the element.


This tool includes the options to customize the font style, size, case, shadow, and color. Apart from that, you can also add spaces between each character.


This tool enables you to add borders of different styles and colors. You can even specify if you would prefer a border for all sides and edit their respective radiuses.


This tool enables you to add shadows to your element. You can specify if the shadow should be offset or inset. You can also customize components such as the axis, blur, and spread of the shadow.


This tool helps you add padding and margins to your elements. Padding helps space the components within that element. Margins are to create a space between the elements around.