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Zoho Sites Help

Website Migration

We've given the old version of Zoho Sites a complete overhaul. The current builder provides a tailored experience that caters to the website needs of any industry. Its advanced customization options help you build beautiful, intuitive, and modular websites.


  • Migration is a process where we transfer your content from the old to the current version. When doing this, you may have to restructure the way your content appears. You can try creating your website from scratch on the current version by copying and pasting your content from your existing website. This allows you to use our customization tools for your content and design your website to suit your requirement. 
  • The new UI does not offer a free plan. Users may choose between the Starter or Pro plan for the new site based on the features they use in their website. If you do not wish to migrate to the new UI, and would like to host it elsewhere, you can download your site by logging into your site builder and going to Manage > Settings > Download Site.

  • As an existing user, we will be providing a 10% discount when you purchase a subscription (applicable for both monthly and annual payments) for the migrated site.

Things to look forward to in the new version:

Even with great content at your disposal, presentation and design may be a challenge. The new UI with upgraded tools and customization options will help you create engaging websites easily.

New UI

The new look and feel of Zoho Sites strikes a balance between clean design and robust usability. Navigating within the website builder is straightforward and all integrations are just a click away.

The clutter-free interface offers a range of advanced features, including pre-built websites sections, updated page elements, and support for dynamic imagery. This update also expands the customizations available in the product for greater creative flexibility.

Responsive templates

We offer 45+ Templates, most of which are industry-based, and come with captivating imagery and supporting text. Every website you create is automatically optimized for desktops, tablets, and phones. You can preview your website to see how it will look on these devices.

Drag-and-drop Builder

You can create, add, and customize your website by simply dragging and dropping any item that you may need to build your website with ease.


Our range of elements enable you to add text, images, audio, and video to your website. Each element comes with individual customization options to give you the flexibility you need.

Quick customization pop-up toolbox:

When editing elements or sections, a pop-up toolbox offers design and formatting options to personalize the content layout and properties. The tools in the pop-up are element-specific, which makes customization quicker and more precise.

Pre-built sections

Design your site content quickly and easily with these pre-designed layouts. We provide over 150 layouts that can help you showcase your work brilliantly.

Dynamic Backgrounds

Create an engaging and immersive browsing experience with the fix and scroll options. Fixing images and videos in place provides a parallax effect while scrolling over your website.

Sticky Content

Effectively convey your brand's key message with sticky content. You can fix certain sections and elements on your page so it follows as you scroll. It also creates an effect of the content in the background moving as certain sections stay fixed.

Advanced Visual Editor

With the earlier Visual Editor, you could change the color scheme and the way your header and banner appears and operates. The Advanced Visual Editor allows you to intricately customize visual aspects of your website.

You can now edit the common aspects of the elements on your website. Unlike the element tool box, which only customizes individual elements, the Advanced Visual Editor helps you customize selected elements site-wide. Many other components can be customized as well, including site name, sub menu, navigation bar theme, and member portal, just to name a few.

Why migrate?

We will be stopping development and feature updates for the older version of Zoho Sites. We suggest you migrate to the newer version to continue growing and expanding your business.

What is migration?

Migration is a process where we take the content of your website and upload it to one of the new version templates. All content, such as text, images, audio, video and blog posts, will be transferred. Migration is not a tool which can be used to design websites, it is simply a content transfer tool.

What happens when you migrate?

Your website will be fully functional on the new UI. You can switch templates at any time and add any customization you require. Your forms and form data will not be migrated, so forms need to be re-added. Integrations will also have to be reconnected.

​How do you migrate?

Just drop us an email at support@zohosites.com with your request to migrate and we will take care of the rest.

When will the old version get discontinued?

The old version of Zoho site builder is scheduled to be discontinued on June 30th, 2021.

What is the new version of Zoho Sites priced at?

Check out the pricing plan for the new version of Zoho Sites.