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Zoho Bookings Integration

Zoho Bookings integration helps customers and prospects schedule appointments with you from your Zoho Sites' website. It lets you communicate with them effortlessly, and also helps you in managing the appointments.

Integrate Zoho Bookings App

To integrate Zoho Bookings with Zoho Sites:
  1. Click the Add icon in the top-left corner of your builder, then click Element.
  2. Click Apps.
  3. Drag the Zoho Bookings app and drop it on your page.

If you are a new user and do not have a Zoho Bookings account, create a workspace by entering your Business Name, Industry, and Service.

If you are an existing Zoho Bookings user, choose an option from the Select Workspace dropdown menu, then click Add.

To edit the scheduling form:
  1. Click on the form you inserted.
  2. Click the Settings icon and make desired changes.

If you have more than one workspace and wish to switch to a different one:

  1. Click Change Workspace
  2. Choose the option you want in the Select Workspace drop down menu, then click Add.

Note: The Change Workspace button will not be visible to you if you only have one active workspace listed in your Zoho Bookings account. 

How to fix broken Bookings Page

Customizing your Bookings page domain name or URL from your Zoho bookings account will cause the form on your website to break. You can fix this by clicking on the form, and then clicking Refresh Page.

To learn how to set a custom domain for your Bookings page, click here.